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My own path of healing and the work I have done with so many people, enable me to draw on a wealth of experience. Having been able to release deep trauma and confusion myself, I am now able to hold the space for those who have also gone through challenging and overwhelming experiences. I have reconnected to my own sensitivity and my ability to empathize with others which is based on a deep inner knowing. I have learned to stay present in my heart and accept things as they are, without interfering.

Watching people beginning to remember who they really are, connecting with their strengths and growing like buds to then blossom – a greater joy I do not know.
I have learned to see the bigger picture from a perspective beyond manifested reality, thus compassion and neutrality emerge naturally. I have established a stable connection to Higher Intelligence and I have learned to open and hold what I call the "Space of Allowance and Awarness". My capacity to take others into this space helps them to realize, acknowledge, honor and transform anything that wants to come into their awareness from their unconscious. Therefore energies, which for the most part were perceived as blockages, impediments or heaviness, I call them "Servants", may move and shift and a higher state of awareness can be attained. Over time I learned to listen to the wisdom of my heart and remain anchored in it. This has enabled me to become a more conscious creator of the manifestations in my life. In one-to-one sessions or in workshops I love to pass on my knowledge and skills to others on their own path back to themselves. I enjoy helping people change their lives and find fulfillment.



"When we are able to connect to the unsatisfied needs causing a conflict, the solution finds us by itself. " (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

In the late 80th I have been part of a group who introduced Mediation to Germany. Since then I have been able to help lots of individuals, couples or groups to get in touch with the deeper needs behind conflict situations and thus find consensual solutions. I offer mediation for individuals, couples, groups or teams.







Beate Ronnefeldt

My deepest desire:
to BE the one I really am.

I appreciate to be there for you:

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