Learning to read the "Experience-Mirror"


Convictions which we believe to be true and the habitual feeling-states generated by them are sent out by us as waves of information which then are reflected in the holographic field as our very experiences. These specific experiences and the way how we receive and interprete them form and confirm in turn our worldview which we again "put in front of the mirror".

Reading accurately the "experience-mirror" is how we can learn about our mainly subconscious beliefs and feeling-states with which we still identify with. This provides us with the opportunity to realize and become aware of our deepest engrained beliefs which are the foundation and cause of what we create as the world we experience.

Without awareness about the perspective I am addicted to, no consistant change can take place.

In my work I offer space that allows



Concistant change has its roots only "inside"


Bring things into order before they exist. (Tao Te Ching)

To believe that the "world out there", which is the reflection of the personal conscious or subconscious worldview, is really true and consistent in itself and to try to induce change "out there", will not be successful. This would equal the attempt to take off a hat in the mirror instead of taking it off in front of the mirror. Only "inner" changes will cause a change "out there". Every engraved conviction and perspective that has been realized and clearly transformed into a new one will generate changes in the correlating experiences sooner or later.

We are the creators of our reality, if we are aware of it or not.

In my work I offer space that allows

Every conflict or crisis is a gift. We only need to know how to unwrap it.





Work with the "Servants"


All occurences which impede and complicate the process of getting back to the real SELF and to full potential I call "Servants". Their original task has been to allow and secure dissociation where experiencing and comprehending traumatic events would have caused the system to be overwhelmed. This "protection mode" is over time deeply ingraved and inclosed into the subconscious and secured in many different ways. It is composed of automatic, well attuned body-, emotion- and thought-procedures and states which are consequently aligned to stabilize the status quo which previously allowed the capacity to adapt and survive. In case the "Servants" are not recognized and acknowlegded, honored and released as serving parts of a "Protection Mode" they will persist as foundation of the deeply engraved worldview and identification level. Consequently, this will be refelcted and confirmed again and again as experienced reality. "Servants" are stablizers of allegedly reliable strategies to survive difficult conditions in the past and become activated like an automaton as soon as correlating events become triggers. The fact that the adherence to the survival strategy has character of addiction is aggravating.

"Servants" have been installed in order to secure dissociation, where experiencing and comprehending traumatic events would have caused the system to be overwhelmed.

As soon as I challenge the status quo of my habitual strategy to move through life, the "Servants" show up immidiately in order to stop me and to secure it. They try to impede any expansion of potential or personal changes in lots of different ways: They may show as inner fog, they may come up as a doubting voice, they may try to interfere with a huge variety of body symptoms etc. They can have a very strong convincing power with which they want to stabilize the deeply adapted worldview and the usual way to function. If I do not realize their true nature and their function they will draw me out of the "dangerous zone" as if I sat down on a sledge on which they would take me downhill alledgedly back to safe ground. This has been primarily their task. They prove to be completely reliable, treating their task very seriously, as if the danger would still be present. "Servants" are similar to consistantly attentive, highly creative, adaptable guardians of my own, self created strategy to survive.

A "Servant" tells something about my strategies to survive in the past.

During my years of working with so many people I have realized that all apparitions, which includes the „Servants“, can be percieved as energetic beings with a sort of soul. I make use of this insight while working with the "Servants", perceiving them as beings, who in a dialogue reveal themselves as being very true and reliable and unwaveringly carrying out their task. According to what was needed in order to survive, they emerged from the primal ground of all potential and let themselves be formed into exactly the specific manifestation that has been needed. The more they unwaveringly hang on to their task, the more it shows how exactly this task has been crucial for survival.

As soon as they are recongized through an expanded, all-embracing, awakened perspective and are sincerely honored for what they truly are, the „working-contract“ can come to a lasting closure. When this occures they can step back proudly and confidently into retirement like loyal employees would do after having been adequately appriciated for their contribution. They then would not interfere any more with porcesses of real self-recognition or integration of previously split off experiences. Furthermore, they would not impede the opening move towards new perspectives. The more I internalize and honor who I really am (a spiritual, creative multidimensional being in the process of waking up) and the more I recognize who the "Servants" really are (essential helpers for my survival), the easier happens the process of their detachement. In case the "Servants" are not ready to detach and get back to where they originally came from, it shows that there still are circumstances of the past that haven't been completely allowed to reveal themselves in the "Space of Allowance and Awareness".  As long as "Servants" remain, there are still aspects of my experiences of the past kept in the subconscious.

In my work I offer space that allows



Transformation and Re-Connection 
in the "Space of Allowance and Awareness"


To accompany someone through the waking-process, which includes the raising of consciousness and the changeover of the individual’s "Level of Identification", is a key aspect of my work. Here the "Space of Allowance and Awareness" plays a significant role. In this space everything that arises is welcomed and honored exactly as it shows up and reveals itself without judgement or attempt to change it.

Recongnizing an experience as a mere experience without resisting it or giving it other meanings, induces transformation.

In the "Space of Allowance and Awareness" pure observation without any interferences creates the opportunity in which any appearance that wants to enter my perception can become conscious. Thus the recognition and detachement of still relevant "Servants" and residues of past experiences can occur.

Transformation takes place

Real transformation happenes when I can consciously look "upon" an experience as my own creation instead of staying "in" it as a powerless victim.

When this transformation process is successful, while to hold the more and more permanent perspective of being the powerful creator is possible, the focus can be directed more and more towards the creation of new, consciously chosen experiences.



The Relevance of different "Levels of Identification"


We are dreamers. The deeper we are sleeping, the more we identify with the person and the conditions in the dream. The deeper the sleep, the more we forget who we really are.

Out of which eyes I look into the world, makes a huge dirfference. Am I still identified with the worldview of an exposed, overwhelmed and helpless child and act accordingly? Am I already able to look out of the eyes of an adult who knows that his or her worldview is relative and not valid for everybody? Do I still identify with someone who is fairly limited and powerless, depending on outer conditions? Or can I already see myself as an unlimited powerful creator in the process of waking up towards who I really am? Do I already know and honor that all of my experiences have been chosen and created by me? Am I already able to see that nothing can harm me when I identify as a powerful creator and that instead it allows me to feel and comprehend the perfection of any experience?

I am not the person I learned to identify with. I am a spiritual creative being, using this personality, created by me, as a vehicle in order to be able to experience human reality.

In my work I offer space that allows



Consolidation of the highest "Level of Identification"


I hold the conviction that we live in a time in which we are getting back, after thousands of years of recurring incarnations, to our real expanded potential, BEING a powerful creator. As if we are waking up out of a dream which we recognize more and more as such. As we awaken, we release step by step the still inherent "dream-residues" of this lifetime and others before. We are embracing more and more the insight that we ourselves are the dreamers of those "incarnation-dreams". It has been our wish to create them in order to be able to undergo, in a very realistic manner, various specific experiences. In the process of waking up out of the dream we bring these experiences to full completion by allowing them to enter fully our awareness.

The more we have cleared our "subconscious basement", the easier it is to identifie with the powerful, limitless creator we really are.  

I hold the space



Conscious Creating


The deeper the identification as a powerful creator is established, the more the awareness becomes obvious that any created appearance is relative and changeable. Then there is clarity about what is cause and what is effect: What I believe to be true (consciously or subconsciously) is what I experience and manifest  and not  what I experience and encounter as manifested reality is what is true.

We only hit the limitations in which we beleive.“ (Author unkown)

The individual worldview and the "level of identification" depends on how awakened someone is. The deeper the "sleep", the more the deduction of what is perceived as being true and stored as such, is coming from experiences of the past and the "outer world". This then becomes the foundation of what is going to be created, which causes repitition of experiences and confirmation of the "old“. The stronger the "wakefulness", the more the foundation of what is going to be created will be built by vivid, always new experiences in the NOW. Thus the future creations will not reflect anymore the "old", but will reflect the „NEW“, born from the vivid BEINGNESS in the very moment of NOW.

Anything can be created, as long as we do not doubt. 

 My task is

„In the end everything is good, if it is not yet good, it is not yet the end.“ (Author unknown)