Even as a young teenager I was fascinated by teachings of Jesus like about what it means if we would have only faith as big as a mustard seed and thus would be able to move mountains or that we should have life in abundance. I remember saying to myself at that time: I will not rest until I am living an abundant life and have learned to move mountains…

I really went for it … And now I am very happy and able to say that I indeed got much closer to live in abundance and to manifest and create much more consciously then ever before. Processing my own traumatic experiences, using any conflict or crises as a gift and a chance to wake up and learing to act as an observer, I reconnected more and more to my authentic self and to my own power. Now I know for sure that everything is "for" me and nothing "against" me. I consciously learned to listen to my heart and not to my mind, allowing a higher intelligence to take over.

I feel very blessed and full of gratitude. Life is soooooo exciting!



1956 born in Germany. Grew up in Colombia

1966 move back to Germany

1974 high-school-diploma, followed by a diversity of activities and travels

1980 graduation as a nurse

1986 - 1996 Coordination and managerial tasks in the German Peace Movement

  • Non-violent actions in connection with the stationing of Middle Range Nuclear Missiles
  • launch of the initiative „Golf Peace Team“ with temporary stay in Iraq
  • work with refugees from and in Bosnia and Croatia

1990-1996 various activities and trainings as a member of „Earthstewarts Network“ (Danaan Perry)

1991 – 2005 Activities around mediation and conflict-resuolution

  • workshops and trainings for mediation and conflict-resolution
  • co-founder of BM (German Mediation Association, www.bmev.de/ )
  • offering mediation and conflict-resolution for individuals, groups or organizations
  • supervision for mediators

2000 -2005  Activities around Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by M.Rosenberg (cnvc.org)

  • 2000 certification as trainer for NVC
  • workshops, coachings, supervision
  • building up the NVC-Network in Germany
  • train the trainers

2000 - 2003 Gründung und Leitung des Projektes „Einfühlsam Zuhören“ (Begegnung jüdischer Menschen mit nicht-jüdischen Deutschen im Zusammenhang mit dem Holocoust)

2002 - 2004 Training in Systemic Family Constellation Work with Sneh Victoria Schnabel (www.victoria-schnabel.com)

2003 – 2005 „Sharing The Presence“ annual trainings with Thomas Hübl (www.Thomashuebl.com

2005 – 2011 Working with Thomas Hübl (www.Thomashuebl.com) as emotional process counsellor in various courses and projects, training and leading of his assistance team

2007 – 2009 Emotional Process Work in Lucia Renés  “Women standing in their power“-workshops. (www.unplugfromthepatriarchy.com

2013 - 2014  Mentor at Lucia René's A.W.A.K.E.N  Academy

2011 - 2018  Offering personal sessions, mediation, supervision, while continuously supporting my inner growth and my abilities to consciously create